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HP Pocket Playlist
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The HP Pocket Playlist goes beyond what’s expected from portable media storage and entertainment. With no internet connection required while streaming and no need for a data plan, this innovative portable device streams unencrypted content—movies, music, TV shows and photos—to up to five mobile devices at the same time. This premium entertainment device acts like a home DVR but is smaller and lighter than the average smartphone, making it easy to take anywhere.

The HP Pocket Playlist comes with a one-month subscription to PlayLater, a new DVR app for online content. This app allows prerecording of videos from more than 50 online websites for playback later without an internet connection.(8) The device holds up to 16 full-length movies, 7,600 songs or 10,000 photos, and plays to most Wi-Fi enabled Android, Windows® and iOS mobile devices.


My Take on the HP Pocket Playlist

I have been using this over the past few weeks and have to say that I have been very impressed with how well this product works and how it allows you to take your media (music, video, etc) with you no matter where you go. This device allows you to stream your content through wireless means which makes it tremendously useful within the home but really anywhere, as it also allows you to tap into this on your phone as well.

One of the things that I loved about the device itself was the fact that it allowed you to stream this content without the need for a data plan, and it gives you high quality entertainment that can be viewed and used on multiple platforms and devices. I like the analogy as listed above that this becomes something of a portable DVR, as this is the perfect example of what this is.

Some of you might say, this is just an external hard drive. I beg to differ! This instead sets up a mini network hub based on the software that is hooked into the device itself. I mentioned that there is software that you can also download to your Android or IPhone/IPad/IPhone device.

The device is sleek and small and definitely portable. With one touch the device is on and you can get a good battery life on it too, or you can connect it via USB to run it that way.

One of the extras that I loved was that this comes with a car adapter! Talk about a great addition. This allows you to be able to let your kids connect in and without having a DVD player in your car, they can watch their favorite video content that you connect to this device in the comfort of your car -talk about a much nicer car ride!

All-in-all I was very impressed and if you are looking for a device that can help you take your entertainment with you, HP has done a great job with bringing this to the masses!



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  1. were you able to download rented movies from iTunes and view them later using the pocketplaylist?

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