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Sleep is something that I get way too little of, but it is something that I know is SO important. You read, you hear reports, you get told from doctors, but alas, there is just so much going on in all of our lives that finding a good night’s sleep is usually illusive, especially for me. That being said though I have come to find that when I do sleep I need to be able to sleep deeply to be able to keep up my energy and be  as productive as I can be. How do I find this deep sleep? I find a good pillow and Headleveler is a company that has truly provided it to me!

Finding a good pillow may sound crazy, but it isn’t. It actually makes a HUGE difference! I have tried many different types of pillows from the store. I have tried feather pillows, memory foam, firmer, softer, but have always been disappointed with the overall results. That was until recently. i was asked by Headleveler, a Canadian pillow manufacturing company to try out their pillow and see what I thought. In speaking with them I talked with them also about the possibility of making this a family affair, as even though I know that I do not get enough sleep, my girls on the other hand NEED their sleep, and I put my foot down on that (do as I say, not as I do, right?). The company was gracious enough to say yes and we were off.

The thing that was different than others. You don’t just find their pillows by going to the store. Instead you work directly with the company to have a pillow custom made for you. I had a few conversations where they asked about our weights, heights, how we slept, etc. This experience was so different, though so exciting. This is the first time that I felt catered to, and felt that I was finding a pillow that was actually for me, not just a shot in the dark that you take a few minutes in a store, hoping among hope that you picked the right one!


Once I gave all of the information to the company it took about a week and the pillows were at my door. The pillows were different sizes, at least my youngest’s was. Because of this smaller size they even sent a pillowcase, which was awesome! Otherwise, the pillows were regular size. I found the the pillows rippled a bit with their custom-made Ortho-Cerv nature. With that being said though we all were excited to see how the pillows effected our overall sleep.

The first few nights I found that the kids seemed to sleep better. They mentioned that the pillows were comfortable. They said that they were sad to lose their old pillow, but that the pillow they now had was comfortable and they seemed to really love the experience. When I tried it, I came to find that it took a few nights to get used to the pillow. Once I did though I found that I was waking up with far less neck pain and feeling much better rested in general.


I now have been using this pillow for a few weeks and I am sold. I am sold, not only for myself, but for my kids too. I am getting great sleep, for the sleep that I do get, and my kids are sleeping much better than they did in the past.

With all of this in mind, I would recommend all to have the personalized experience that I had to find the right pillow for you and your family. You will not be disappointed and you will get far more deep sleep than you ever have in the past.



Free Ship Promo Code for Dad of Divas readers:
As a friendly reminder, here are some details to keep in mind:
– The Free Ship Code is for the entire order (not only for Junior Pillows), so if you are interested for themselves as well, they can benefit from this offer – even though a Junior might not even be included in the order.
– For a limited time, the company is providing the Free Custom-Made pillow case for the Junior Pillows



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