The Time Is Now To Ask For Help #ForMarc #maledepression

This past week we in the Dad Blogging world learned of the death of a fellow blogger and dad. This blogger was also someone that recently was spotlighted in my Dads in the Limelight Series ( . After his death many of us who did not know him learned about his struggle with depression which ultimately led to his death. Because of this many of us within this community decided to run a number of posts this week in memory of Marc and to talk about the issue of mental health and depression in men today.


What is sad is that  many men who are fighting  Depression or other mental illness never reach out for help (as Marc did) and fewer still follow through with the needed treatment that is out there. To often there is a stigma that is placed on depression that men and women want to hide from.


I for one have to say that I recognize how depression can impact the individual but the person’s family itself. This is a disease that is so pervasive in our society today, and so many people are not willing to admit that they need help.


The Oley Foundation posted some good tips for recognizing clinical depression in people:

Symptoms That May Alert You to Clinical Depression

The National Center for Mental Health Screening lists several symptoms that should alert you to the possibility of clinical depression. If you experience any of these symptoms for longer than two weeks, you should contact a trusted friend, clergy member, physician, nurse, or social worker:

  • loss of interest in things
  • feeling sad or blue
  • feeling worthless or guilty
  • being anxious or worried
  • having problems concentrating, thinking, remembering, or making decisions
  • feeling pessimistic or hopeless
  • thinking thoughts of death or suicide


Physical symptoms include:

  • trouble sleeping/sleeping too much
  • loss of energy/feeling tired
  • headaches/others aches and pains
  • digestive problems
  • weight loss/gain
  • sexual problems

Again, you should report symptoms of at least two weeks’ duration. Remember, depression is not your fault. It is not a weakness or laziness, nor does it stem from lack of will power. It is not easy to “snap out of it” on your own.


It is so important to be able to watch this in the people that you love. If this is pervasive, please reach out to help them in anyway that you can so that the person being effected can get the help that they need.


We do not need to lose any more of our friends, family, mothers, fathers, children!


Are you dealing with thoughts of suicide? Help is available. The National Suicide Prevention Hotline is available anytime: 800-273-TALK [8255].


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  1. Thank you for writing this. I’m late to this discssion, but finding much of it helpful, so again, thanks for that.


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